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Explore a new way to digitalize your world.

Acquisition of data, processing, visualization, sharing and multi-assets data integration. All this is Janus: Swiss precision and Italian design.



From terrestrial to mobile.

Reality capture meets style, precision and easiness of use.

Omniasphere Janus

Best Features

Double GNSS antenna full constellation band
IMU - MEMS and FOG support
Different 3D Laser scanner supported
Different 3D Laser scanner supported
360°Cameras 40MPX
Batteries hot-swappable
AI automatic object detection
Facilità di montaggio

Easy Mounting

Janus can be easily installed by one person. Take advantage of the possibility to fix it on the vehicle on roof racks or with safety suction cups.

Il più piccolo e leggero sistema di navigazione inerziale disponibile sul mercato

Smallest and lightest Inertial Navigation System

Licenza "Pay per Use”

"Pay per Use” License

Licensing system of the software to meet its initial discontinued use.

Esperienza panoramica immersiva

Immersive panoramic experience

Completamente personalizzabile

Fully customizable

It can support different HW solutions, sensors, colors or you can 3D print your logo on it.

Esperienza d’uso studiata per ogni tipologia di utente

Simply User Experience

Our experienced customer and support will guide you step by step until you reach full autonomy in mastering the system.

Use cases

Making a digital copy of the world around you has never been easier.

The multi user level allows the management of infinite projects in absolute coordinates and on Open Street Map base cartography. With simple clicks on the map it is possible to load the project to navigate through spherical and rectangular images, to import or create geo-database and to search for all the associated assets and information.

Omniasphere Janus on car

Janus can be mounted on cars or quods, and allows the detection of cities and roads, including all needed infrastructural assets.

Omniasphere Janus on boat

Omniasphere Janus on boat

Janus can be mounted on a boat, and allows you to detect rocky walls, coasts, sea caves, ports and marine works of art in general.

Omniasphere Janus on Train

Omniasphere Janus on train

Janus can also be mounted on a train for the survey of railways, tunnels and railway works in general.

Discover our models

Making a digital copy of the world around you has never been easier.

Choose your best solution:
Janus con solo fotocamera sferica o Janus con Z+F PROFILER® 9020 o Janus con scanner Z+F IMAGER® 5016 o Z+F IMAGER® 5010.
Do you want to mount different scanner family?  

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