Janus Cloud

Janus Cloud is the collaborative reference platform that allows you to process, measure, display and share point clouds quickly and easily. 

Janus Cloud Web Platform

Janus Cloud

Bring your point clouds to life


Display and explore

Discover every aspect of your survey to take care of every detail

With Janus Cloud access advanced visualisation tools such as the minimap ( display of the project location), navigation cube (change from top view to side view), camera projection (change from orthographic to perspective view) and finally orbit, ground, flight and flyover navigation modes to explore your project without limits.

High precision and accuracy

Janus Cloud

Look how easy it is to import into Janus Cloud any project in high definition from the most popular laser scanners. Explore your surveys with maximum accuracy. Indeed, you can measure multiple aspects: angles, surfaces, volumes, distances, profiles and heights with a simple click.

Janus Cloud Web Platform 3d Point Cloud

Measure every detail

Examine your projects and detect every single aspect: angles, distances, surfaces and volumes.

Advanced sharing tools

Share and customise work with your team through advanced and truly comprehensive permit management.

Compatible and versatile

Janus Cloud supports the most popular point cloud formats of the leading laser scanners on the market.

3D accelerated modelling

The processing of your 3D scans is faster to easily model your BIM models while saving on your budget.

Virtual Reality for work teams

Collaborate in VR on data collected by scanning or aerial photogrammetry with Edgewise, Autodesk Revit, AutoCAD and ArchiCAD.

Simultaneous and shared visualisation

Turn your office meetings into virtual meetings with VR sharing tools.

Janus Cloud

The benefits for the professional

Janus Cloud always with you

Import all point cloud projects to Janus Cloud with one click to have them with you at all times.

Accessibility and versatility

All your projects are accessible from a single online platform from any location and tablet or smartphone device.

Automatic storage

Janus Cloud allows you to automatically save the status of analyses directly on the online platform.

Import of all types of point clouds

Janus Cloud imports all types of sources from mobile scanners, fixed scanners and drones in the most popular .e57, .las, .pts, .ply, .rcp, .rcs formats

Customisable interface

Create the control panel with your logo and company colours for an original and professional interface.

Project video

Janus Cloud allows you to generate point clouds online quickly and easily. Just a few simple clicks and you can even create your own professional video.

Janus Cloud


Plan, share and note down every idea.

Share and note

Now it is easy to share your 3D data and work on a single project and note changes and suggestions with all staff.

Organise roles and permissions

Manage and customise user permissions with different configurations and levels of access and display.

Project Versioning

Each project step is automatically saved and made accessible to all group members at all times.

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