Zoller+Fröhlich Accessories and Software

Achieve the highest quality and accuracy in 3D laser scanning with the 3D laser scanner series Z+F IMAGER® and the 2D laser scanners of the series Z+F PROFILER® thanks to accessories and software from Zoller+Fröhlich.

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3D Laser scanning software Z+F IMAGER® 5010 e Z+F IMAGER® 5016

Z+F LaserControl®

With the laser scanners from Z+F LaserControl® Office e Scout you can work efficiently and comprehensively.

The wide range of filters, measurement and recording tools available, are the best solution for highly differentiated data processing to filter, record and color 3D point clouds.

The different export formats provided by Z+F LaserControl® allow you to import data in all popular 3D software applications and process them further.

Mobile mapping software Z+F PROFILER® 9020 e Z+F PROFILER® 9012

Z+F SynCaT®

Synchronization, calibration and transformation are the main operations performed by the Z+F SynCaT® software.

Calibration: it will process the calibration parameters due to different system integrations (translation, rotary compensation between the coordinate systems of the navigation unit (trajectory) and the Z+F PROFILER laser scanner 9012).

Synchronization: the Z+F SynCaT® allows the synchronization of the Z+F PROFILER laser scanner data with the 9012 trajectory data and generate 3D cloud point files.

Transformation: enables the transformation of 3D point cloud data from different local coordinate systems and the application of different local/global height correction models (geoid correction files).

Correction: estimation of individual offset with reference to predefined ground control points (GCPs).

All accessories for the Z+F IMAGER® 5010 and Z+F IMAGER® 5016 3D Laser Scanners


Z+F IMAGER® 5010 and Z+F IMAGER® 5016

Z+F T-Cam

The Z+F T-Cam infrared camera allows you to film rooms and objects not only three-dimensionally but also thermally.

The instrument generates 360º thermal panoramas with a resolution of 382 288 pixels.

Infrared information is automatically mapped to the point cloud. The infrared spectral range is 7.5 to 13 μm.

Z+F T-Cam offers many new opportunities in the fields of insurance, facility management, industry and forensics.

The Z+F T-Cam is easy to mount and connects to the scanner via USB.

Z+F IMAGER® 5010

Z+F SmartLight

The Z+F SmartLight is the ideal tool for the i-Cam of the Z+F IMAGER 5010C and 5010X, with which to perform color scans even in poorly lit areas.

The high energy efficiency of the Z+F SmartLight allows the Z+F IMAGER laser scanner to maintain high performance. 5010C/5010X over time.

The Z+F SmartLight precisely follows the vertical movement of the i-Cam and guarantees excellent lighting conditions up to 10 m. thanks to its luminous flux of 1,000 lm.

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